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Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’ve lived in Beverly Hills for over 20 years. Through my Facebook page Walk Beverly Hills, I encourage people to make walking a style for life and to shop locally while also advocating pedestrian safety. Professionally, I'm in marketing communications for nonprofits and start-ups with an emphasis on publicity, product naming and strategic partnerships. I'm proud to say, I'm a Fellow with ACTIVATE, the leadership program. (I forward a portion of my proceeds to this organization.) Not just a city girl, I volunteer as a nature docent, leading hikes for kids in Franklin Canyon. On most weekends, I attend art openings and other cultural events, practice yoga on the beach, and stock up on fruits and veggies from our farmers' market.

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Nancie S.

Ellen knows Beverly Hills backwards and forwards, though usually she does her walking tours forwards for safety reasons;-) You will not find a more knowledgeable and entertaining guide to one of the world' s most famous cities.