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I'm Maartje, 28 years old and live in the beautiful city Haarlem. Ever since I'm very small I travel the world to look for the best possible holiday places ,cafés, mountains, nature and interesting people. I love to meet new people from different cultures and parts of the world. Everyone has such an unique way of living and everyone has there own stories to tell!

Reviews for Maartje
Michael B.

We had a delightful tour with Maartje. She met us promptly at the train station as promised and provided a very informative tour. We enjoyed hearing about her city and seeing so very much of Haarlem. When we passed through her neighborhood, several people smiled and greeted her by name - it helped to make us feel welcome, too! Maartje was quick to answer email prior to the tour and was willing to work with us on arranging a time that worked with our schedule. She offered to help with any of the logistical items that we might need to get from Amsterdam to Haarlem and back. We stopped at shops that were of our interest and had a delightful and relaxing cup of coffee near the end of our time together. We smiled, laughed and talked throughout the entire tour. Many thanks for a wonderful experience!