Reviews - Alexander B.

Mayer12 for Paris Photography Walking Tour

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Jamesholver16 for Paris Photography Walking Tour

Paris, sweet Paris))))

Phyllis C.

Spent 3 great hours with Alexander B in Paris Jan 5th. I learned a lot about the advanced settings on my camera and how to apply them to different lighting situations. Alexander showed me how to take my photos to the 'next' level, Painting with flash was fun and has a lot of potential in other locations. It was well worth the time and money to get better images of Paris at night, and I can use that info in all my night shots. thanks, Alexander.

Bernadette W.
Bernadette W. for Paris Photography Walking Tour

Clara met us on time and took us to one of my favourite neighbourhoods. I have a very nice fixed lens camera which I couldn't use properly Clara sorted that out for me. Whilst we walked and talked about photography Clara was there to help with the technical side of my camera. I loved this tour I have some very nice photos which I took and I left feeling confident with camera. I would this again.

Roberto for Verona Photo Tour

I had a fantastic evening with Anna photographing some little seen parts of Verona and also some classic places of the city. Anna was excellent with the expertise she imparted. I had a completely different experience of photographing Verona city center. I highly recommend this tour. I got a lot from the tour. A must tour for all photographers and wannabee photographers.

Timothy D.
Timothy D. for London Photo Tour

We had a wonderful tour with Vianney in London. Vianney's love of photography comes through as soon as you meet him. He is an excellent teacher and is very patient. I learned more in a few hours with him than I could ever have learned on my own. I was able to also get some wonderful shots of London after dark and apply my new knowledge at other locations. I would highly recommend Aperture tours and Vianney to anyone looking to improve their skills and to get some excellent photos.


This photo tour was my favorite activity in Paris. Alexander took the time to learn our skill levels and what we wanted to accomplish - then made sure we hit our objectives. We focused on the hit the best spots around the Louvre and the river. We learned some technical tools and also creative ones. You will learn and enjoy your time with Alexander - no matter your skill level.

Kate C.
Kate C. for London Photo Tour

Vianney is an excellent teacher. We have been on other photography courses and still not understood how to work out the camera settings. Vianney showed us how to get the best from our cameras and get good night photography shots. I looked at some other tours before booking this one, but some had groups of around 15 learners. This was so much better as there was only 2 of us, so Vianney was able to spend a lot of time with each of us. He has a lovely personality and was very patient with us, explaining everything in terms we could understand. I would definitely recommend booking this tour.

Kyle for London Photo Tour

I was really impressed with this tour and the guides. I would recommend it. Vianney (my guide) was very professional and easy to talk to. He made me feel comfortable quickly; despite being very new to photography. It was very clear that these guys are experts at taking pictures and showing you how to do it! In terms of the tour he came across as very competent and knowledgeable. I was impressed with how he was able to explain concepts that I think I would have struggled with at first. As a novice, the short briefing at the beginning of the tour was very useful to give me the foundations. Referring to notes and familiar pictures throughout was helpful to enforce ideas and concepts. It seems the tour is very flexible to what I am interested in doing and need to learn. Suggesting photos and letting me work out how to take them was good practical experience for me. Despite knowing London very well; I saw aspects of the city that I had not seen before and under appreciated. It was a great tour and I got some great pics out of it!

Nick C.
Nick C. for London Photo Tour

We did the night photography tour with Alexander, who took us to some great parts of London. It wasn't just a set tour, he personalised it to what we were interested in learning about and taught us some new techniques. We came back with some great photos. Friendly and knowledgeable guide.

Sahar for Paris Photography Walking Tour

Such a great tour!! Alexander brings his expertise in photography, Paris, and chocolate and provides an amazing, personalized experience. I learned more in three hours than I had in a week long workshop and have been practicing the tips and suggestions. This is a great tour and beneficial way to spend an afternoon in Paris and go beyond the main attractions and learn valuable lessons from an experienced and talented photographer.

Kenda W.


Diego M.
Diego M. for Paris Photography Walking Tour

Great experience! William was a kind and patient teacher. We learnt a lot of things, developed our photography skills and discovered great places and beautiful corners in our tour through Montmatre. He guided and showed us the most unknow (and from now on, our favourite) part of Montmatre, encouraging our creativity. We have now great photos of our visit. We strongly recommend the tour. Thanks William!