Luca L.

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I'm an experienced sailor, with vast knowledge of the best places to sail in Italy, Spain, Malta and Tunisia, having chartered the area since 1994. I have the heart of a true adventure traveler. Sailing since I was eight years old, I participated in racing competitions where I ranked in the top 10 European children’s division races for several consecutive years. I have sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, and I have plans to cross the Pacific Ocean as well. My seasoned point of view, and my ability to create the perfect on board dynamic between guests have helped set the path: “Meeting people that you didn’t know prior actually aids in the harmony of the cruise, due to the curiosity to get to know your travel companions, and the desire to be part of a whole new ‘crew’.” After sailing around the world with thousands of guests, I'm making eco-friendly sailing vacations accessible to anyone that wants to live the dream of being at sea, have a look to our new sailing platform for worldwide sailing vacation: https... [More]