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In 1859, a flamboyant and mentally unstable businessman named Joshua Abraham Norton declared himself emperor of San Francisco. His Imperial Majesty Norton proceeded to issue his own currency and proclaim that Congress should be forcefully dissolved, endearing himself to the city’s unruly residents. Although his power and influence extended no further than his own mind, he became something of a patron saint for freethinking rabble-rousers and ambitious creative types and remains so to this day. Indeed, flamboyance and questionable mental faculties are the hallmarks of many great San Franciscans.

Local Customs

Being out and proud (about everything), dressing casual, caring about sustainability, being liberal, sticking to your own neighborhood and embodying your neighborhood stereotype (with pride), eating ice cream from Bi Rite on a sunny day in Dolores Park.


San Francisco was first established by the Spaniards on 1776, became part of Mexico after gaining independence, and was ceded to the US after the Mexican-American war in 1846. During the gold rush, fortune seekers and sourdough poured in making for a truly lawless wild west. A haven for entrepreneurship and alternative culture, the city's rebellious roots live on in its citizens today.

Politics & Economy

San Franciscans are known to be bleeding heart liberals and come from all over the world. As a minority-majority city, it is a true melting pot, making for colorful festivals and deliciously diverse food. Tourism is the backbone of the San Francisco economy followed by the banking and technology sectors. If you're really in a pinch, you can even rent out your car, your home, and your time in the sharing economy!

Famous People

Ansel Adams, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee, Alicia Silverstone, Courtney Love, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Robert Frost, Jack London, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and Gordon Moore.


Bay to Breakers (in May), annual Hunky Jesus Contest, Critical Mass (last Friday of every month)

Best Museums

SF MOMA, de Young, Asian Art Museum, Legion of Honor

Holidays & Festivals

Chinese New Year (January), International Film Festival (April), Carnaval (May), Summer Sailstice (June), SF Gay Pride Parade (last Sunday in June), Fillmore Street Jazz Festival (July), Fleet Week (October), Dia de los Muertos (November).

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