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Eating in Rome is always a special experience. Wherever you decide to go for lunch or dinner, or even for a snack, make it an unforgettable experience by escaping the tourist centers and any restaurant that says: "Touristic menu" or has its menu translated in several languages -- you'll be missing out on the unforgettable dining experiences that possible in Rome.

So don't be afraid and explore the real Roman restaurants and trattorias - they are more affordable restaurants but with high-quality food as well - pizzerias and wineries, and much more.

Good food lies everywhere---in all the hidden places behind the most famous squares and monuments of Rome. So walk kilometers away from the Colosseum and stumble upon one of the best meals of your life in an unknown restaurant.

What to Eat?

Pasta like bucatini all'amatriciana (bacon, tomato and pecorino, a stronger parmisan) or spaghetti alla carbonara (egg, bacon and pecorino) or cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) are typically Roman, but you can also try pasta with vegetables, meat, fish and so on; pizza; supplì (fried rice-balls with tomato and mozzarella), fried cod, artichokes Roman-style, saltimbocca alla romana (meat Roman-style) and puntarelle (a special Roman salad, when it's the right season).

The list of what to eat in Rome could be infinite...


It's not obligatory in Italy, but people will be happy with a little tip. It's up to you!

Price per Meal


Best Restaurants

The best restaurants and trattorias are located in the area of the Jewish Ghetto, in via del Portico d'Ottavia, the main street of the Ghetto.

In this area you can find specialities of the typical Roman-Jewish cookery, the most ancient and definitily one of the best in Rome.

If you prefer a pizza you can visit the district of Trastevere, indicated also for wineries and nightlife.

And if you're tired with pasta and pizza then explore the multicultural Esquiline hill, in the surroundings of Termini railway station and Piazza Vittorio, to find many good ethnical restaurants (not only Chinese)!

Best Cafes

You can have a good coffee everywhere in Rome, but the most famous cafe and one of the best in the centre is Sant'Eustachio, in the omonym square, located a few steps from the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

Another good, historical cafe in the same area is Giolitti, that offer also succulent sorbets and creamy combinations.

And in summer, try the slush of coffee and whipped cream in the Tazza D'Oro cafe, located in the corner of a little street in front of the Pantheon!

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