Reviews for Street Food in İstanbul

Nuray B.

Excellent tour. Okan is the greatest tour guide i've ever seen. We eat great street food, saw hidden places, street arts. Everything was perfect. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks so much for this beautiful day

Yor G.

I WILL HAVE TO GIVE THIS TOUR ONLY 2 STARS I took some time to write this review, because the person that guide us was a really kind guy and I felt somewhat bad of not giving him a good review. But reviews are not only to give people a good score but also to inform others what they should expect. I have not to complain about the food and the amount we ate because it was delicious and quite a lot. Thankfully we walked enough to burn the delicious treats we had. But I will start with the fact that our guide was not Okan, the person that is promoting the tour. It was a friend of his, that apparently helps him on week days. He showed up a little bit late, which worried me and my husband because we didn't have much communication than emails due to the fact that we were on a foreign country and the roaming only allow us to use the internet. He introduced himself with no much explanation than the fact that he was there instead of his friend. Which later on we asked and found out why. When it comes to the tour we felt really disappointed. His English was really poor, so it was hard for him to explain us much. He did provide information from where the food came from but not much detail besides that. And all those beautiful pictures of people preparing food we did not see none... We did not see nobody cooking and no explanation on how the food was made. Throughout all the walking he was confused and uncertain as of where to go. We passed by the places we were supposed to stop at. And then returned to back, because then he remember where we were supposed to go. We did not get much historical background about the areas we visited. And whatever information we got was because we decided to ask questions so we were able to obtain more information from him. Of course as much as much as he could provide us due to his limited English. To save time here, I'll just say that the entire tour lacked any personality, information, history, interesting tidbits, etc. Which I believe are the delight of any tour, especially when is just a solo tour. For $80 per person it is a lot of money to get this disappointed about a tour. Especially considering that Istanbul is so cheap.

Mark B.

We had a great night time food tour with Okan. My wife and I tried a lot of different food and learned some things along the way. Definitely recommended as Istanbul can be a little overwhelming at first visit, since there are so many places to eat, drink, etc.. We also visited a lot of places that we would have had no idea about visiting, which made the tour feel more authentic and less touristy. Would do this tour again in a heartbeat.

Neel B.

Okan's street food tour was amazing! Okan is a very friendly guy and we had a great time walking around the city with him while he told us about the food and answered many of the questions we had. The food was delicious and Okan took us to some different places since we had already eaten some of the food he originally planned on showing us. Overall this was one of my favorite things I did while in Istanbul and I highly recommend it to anyone.


Okan’s tour is definitely recommended. This tour would jumpstart your stay in Istanbul by not only teaching you about all the regional specialities that you would never find on your own, but also gives you some orientation around Beyoglu and Karakoy. Now we can appreciate the baklava and tell the difference between what we thought would be a good one and what Okan picked. He really goes the extra mile and customizes the tour to your individual preferences. Our only regret is that we did this on our last day, not on the first, but now we have a lot of reasons to come back again.

Craig T.

Totally recommended! You'll eat fantastic food that you might normally be afraid to try, then wonder why you had never had it prior. We walked, talked and learned with our guide, and most of all had a terrific time. If you do just one thing whilst visiting Istanbul, do this! You won't regret it.


My boyfriend and I went on a tour with Okan in September 2014. It was our highlight of Istanbul. The food was amazing and it was fantastic having a local to show you where to go and to order with you. Okan's English is excellent and it was great hearing about life in Istanbul. Would highly recommend this tour to anyone.


Okan is a terrific guide. He is fabulous at connecting with people of all sorts, from simple vendors to well-educated. . He can customize a tour to anyone's wishes. It was the best part of our trip

Todd G.

Umert was a fantastic guide and the street food tour was one of the highlight's of my wife and my trip to Istanbul. We spent nearly 5.5 hour going throughout the city, trying everything from a typical Turkish breakfast to authentic kebabs and pide. Umert was very knowledgeable, not only about the food, its contents, and significance, but also about other places to visit throughout the city. Not only was the tour great, but the food was delicious and we were absolutely stuffed! Well worth the money and a must-do for anyone who loves food and is visiting Istanbul.

Annie P.

We had an amazing time with this tour! Umut, Okan's friend, was our guide and it could not have been better. He was kind, intelligent, generous, we had plenty of super interesting conversations. The food was fantastic and all the spots carefully chosen. We went back to this little kebab place on our last day in Istanbul and decided it really was the best food we had had! Food is included in the tour price so a good bargain and above all, a wonderful experience. We warmly recommend, thanks again Umut for this amazing day!

Steven A.

Our tour guide in Istanbul was Umut, who did an amazing job showing us some of the highlights of Turkish cuisine. The tour was great; much better than we had expected. We went to at least five different locations, all of which served some killer meals. Not only was Umut friendly and engaging, he was extremely knowledgeable not just about the foods we were trying, but how it compared to other regional foods. Throughout the tour, he went to great lengths to ensure we were enjoying our experience and was extremely flexible, taking into account our expectations and preferences. Moreover, he was an equally competent guide of culture, history, art, etc. While walking between food locations, he would point out important landmarks and explain their significance. Overall, I highly recommend this tour to any traveler looking for a more intimate view of Turkish cuisine and culture. Thanks again, Umut!

Sam G.

Our tour with Okan was one of the best parts of our trip! We booked our tour for our first full day in Istanbul and it was wonderful! The tour started with a traditional Turkish breakfast followed by a day spent walking through several parts of the city, making stops to enjoy the sites while eating our way through! He was really great with playing off of us and truly tailored the experience. As we walked he gave us tidbits about the culture and the city and also made some recommendations to places we should try to return to during our visit. We should also mention that he took pictures of us with our camera, which we found to be a huge plus as it's hard to get pictures together when you're a couple traveling. After our tour, we were comfortable navigating our way through the city and were left with a great impression of the Turkish culture! We really enjoyed the tour itself, it enhanced the rest of trip and all at a great value! A tour with Okan is like hanging out with a friend who you were in town visiting - we highly recommend it!


We just finished our tour with okan today and we had a great time. We were a family of four ,we did a customized tour covering European as well as Asian side. Okan was perfect and we were very very happy with our tour. We recommend him to anyone who wishes to view and eat through Istanbul with a local.

Olaf Z.

Best in Vayable. We tasted good foods, saw good places. Thank you for everything

Nuray B.

Best of the best. Excellent tour. Okan is the greatest tour guide i've ever seen. We eat great street food, saw hidden places, street arts. Everything was perfect. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks so much for this beautiful day