Reviews for Sausalito Sail

Eli C.

Captain Marcos boat is one of a kind, as is his first mate :P I've seen San Francisco from every point on land, and in air, but never by boat. The views of the San Francisco, the bridge(s), and Sausalito were simply breathtaking. If you're visiting San Francisco, seeing the city by boat is a one in a life time chance. You can tell Captain Marco has a deep passion for sailing and want to share is passion with others in every way!

June L.

This was seriously my funnest day in SF, and I've lived here for 2 entire years. If you've never been sailing, you should definitely go, but Captain Marco's sailboat is truly a gem. It has a really nice bottom level that I would even live in and glides through the water with grace. He'll tell you stories of stormy days from the past as well as bring you to see some of the most beautiful sights that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. If you ask nicely, you'll even get to steer the boat!

Dennis O.

I've been a sailor on S.F. Bay for 25 years, on many different boats, and I can attest that Evening Star is one of the finest yachts to show off the Bay's magic. After several Charters aboard Marco's sweet-sailing boat, I would recommend it to anyone. Marco offers whatever you want: to take the wheel, crank a winch, or simply relax in the sheltered cockpit and enjoy the scenery and Marco's happy personality and lifetime of sea stories.