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Dublin's history and culture speak volumes through the city's museums, galleries and monuments, and at times, you can't help but feel you've stepped back in time while wandering the cobblestone streets of Temple Bar. The city's Georgian heritage is prevalent, with the colorful doors and stately brick buildings lining the city's streets.

Local Customs

You can't go wrong in Dublin by ordering a pint of Guinness, but if you're not into the dark beer, try a Bulmer's, or Irish hard cider. You'll find traditional Irish music spilling out of pubs in Temple Bar, but watch out for tourist traps. For a more authentic experience, try the Brazen Head or the Bull & Castle.


Ireland's history of being ruled by the British is still only in the recent past. In the early 1900's, the Irish Republican Army mounted a guerilla war against Britain and by 1921, the two sides signed a cease fire and Ireland began to govern itself.

Politics & Economy

Ireland's prime minister is called the Taoiseach, and the country has a figure head president. The country's government is divided into the Dail, like the house of representatives, and the Seanad, like the Senate. However, the Seanad only makes recommendations to the Dail and does not make actual decisions, a point of contention in politics these days. Ireland has a multi-party system that makes up the parliament.

Famous People

U2 comes from Dublin, as do the Script and Thin Lizzy. Designer Orla Kiely and milliner Philip Treacy. James Joyce, W.B. Yeats, Collin Farrell, Liam Neeson, Saoirse Ronan and Pierce Brosnan.

Best Museums

Dublin's national museums are all free of charge but closed on Mondays. The National Museum of Ireland at Collins Barracks has a great exhibit of Irish fashion through the years. The Hugh Lane Gallery has wonderful jazz concerts on Sunday afternoons. The Natural History Museum is a fun way to see the range of animals that live in Ireland. The Science Gallery has innovative and often changing exhibits.

Holidays & Festivals

We're obviously known for St. Patrick's Day, and take advantage of the spotlight with lots of activities in the weeks running up to March 17th. Watch out for Shakespeare in the Park in the Iveagh Gardens in the summer and the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival in Howth in the spring.

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