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About Adventure Tours in Amsterdam in Amsterdam

If you want to feel like a local and see more of Amsterdam there is only one other way to do so, and that is to jump on a pushbike! No bike gears are needed in Amsterdam but make sure you have bell on your bike because I can promise you; you’re going to need it! And make sure you lock your bike!

Riding your bike in Amsterdam can fell a bit daunting at first. Fortunately, it is really safe, with bike paths through the whole city, and the cars always give you the right way. What you have to pay attention to the people on the (bike) footpath who might not see you coming!

Walking Routes

Another way to see the city is by taking a canal cruises along Amsterdam’s canals. Or take a walking tour through different parts of the city; both of these options will let you explore the city’s main attractions while you relax.


If you like skating, Friday Night Skating is a free event throughout the whole year put together for Skating enthusiasts to skate around the streets of Amsterdam, starring from the Vondelpark (close to the Filmmuseum) A great way to spend time with the locals and stay fit!

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